Amund Ulvestad Sound Vision


Parhelia is an audiovisual system designed to pick up and represent a sound source from 10 different points simultaneously and in quick succession. It consists of 10 microphones with attached LED lights, and a controller program. The LEDs glow only when their corresponding microphones are in use.

Showcasing the spectral diffusion of a given soundsource in a form of auditory cubism, this work is intended to make clear that a single point representation of an object is in fact a gross reduction of it. The narrow scope of each pickup point is here utilized as an instrument in itself.

Percussion played by Mathieu Lacroix.


All Alone (Parallels III) is a video and sound work based on extracts from 45 different Youtube clips. Each clip corresponds to a key on a keyboard, and can be played live as a little virtual orchestra. (The clips are all played back at their original pitch and speed.) The work underlines the social isolation implicit in so called social media. The naive, slightly melodramatic tonal form reflects the sad fact that all of these people are sitting alone, playing next of their wardrobes and kitchen sinks, hoping to be heard.

^ Live performance of All Alone in Galleri RAM, Oslo, 2015, as a part of my multimedia performance KOPIER.


I dette audiovisuelle verket lar jeg et konkret fotografi og en abstrakt figur – to elementer som i utgangspunktet ikke har noe med hverandre å gjøre – gå i oppløsning slik at de smelter inn i hverandre. Lyden følger samme bevegelse. Verket er ment som en problematisering av menneskets persepsjon. Diskretiseringen av de auditive og visuelle elementene – eksempelvis den skarpe kontrasten vi opplever mellom det åpenbart menneskeskapte røde kvadratet og den naturlige bakgrunnen – forpurres etter hvert som elementene går i oppløsning og ikke lenger kan skilles fra hverandre. Dette gir et særegent sensorisk inntrykk, og kan samtidig leses som et memento mori; en understreking av det forgjengelige både i det menneskeskapte (symbolisert i det røde kvadratet), sanseinntrykket og vår egen eksistens som sansende vesener. 

Visningsformatet er videoprojeksjon på en større flate samt høyttaleroppsett i stereo eller quad. Videoen under bør som et minimum sees i fullskjerm. Verket har vært vist på Galleri RAM i Oslo.


An audiovisual composition, in which I employ temporal distortion as a lyrical gesture. On the surface this seems like an ordinary recording of a performing ensemble, but both the video and sound are in fact (transmedially corresponding) collages composed of different recordings. As such this is a non-event. I also utilize auditory and visual freezing of the different instruments.

Piano: Kjetil André Mulelid, Vibraphone: Anders Kristiansen, Cello: Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen, Viola: Karoline Vik Hegge, Clarinet: Nils Marius Kjøsnes, Flute: Kari Eline, Synth: Amund Ulvestad


A manipulative exercise, aimed at showing music’s (and indeed every other human endeavor’s) breathing, ghasping origin in biology. The distinction between nature and culture is itself a cultural product and should be treated as such.

Saxophone improvisation by Axel Rigaud.