Amund Ulvestad Sound Vision


Thank you for your interest in my work! I sincerely hope that you will find some of the projects displayed on this website intriguing or provoking.

Artistic creation is often looked upon as some sort of witchcraft – a black magic of colour, shapes or sounds, from which ART miraculously appears. Let me therefore assure you that there is no hocus-pocus involved here. What you find on this site are genuine attempts on my part to convey ideas and emotions that are important to me – to you – using the tools and techniques that I am familiar with. I have decided to include short text descriptions of the more conceptual works to make my intentions clear. However, please do not let the text stop you from experiencing the stuff with your own ears, eyes and concepts. It is yours to hold and I would be delighted if you see and hear in them something I have not!

I will have a bio up here shortly!